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Exterior of Duesterbeck's Pig Parn, Taproom, & Outdoor Stage

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Laura (Duesterbeck) Johnson and Ben Johnson, Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company is a family-owned local microbrewery in Elkhorn, WI. 

The Duesterbeck Farm has been in our family for over 150 years. In recent years, many of the barns had fallen into disrepair. It was Laura's hope to restore this beautiful farm to its former glory.  


That's when Laura (Duesterbeck) Johnson had the idea to restore the barns by putting up a brewery. Since 2001, Ben Johnson has been a homebrewer. Laura has a degree in horticulture, a background in agriculture, and loves growing and gardening. The idea of Duesterbeck's Brewing Company combined the best of both worlds.

When you visit the brewery, you will see the family in action. Laura and Ben's six children helped with busing tables, keeping the glassware stocked and clean, and even the stage lighting. Laura's sister Leslie is the generall manager. Ben's brother Adam runs the operations. Laura's mother Cathy bartends and her sister Lindsey frequently visits. 

Live Music on a Summer Evening
Laura & Ben in the Brewery

Meet the Owners

Laura (Duesterbeck) Johnson

Owner & Chief Creative Officer

Laura is the visionary for this whole project.  Laura has always been in love with the land and the plants on it.  The brewery will be a perfect way to  transition the farm to an agribusiness.  With great hopes that this will restore the farm to be passed down to many more generations.  A unique aspect of this brewery is all the profits will be put back into the farm and will help future generations be able to sustain a life here and continue our family's farm for years to come.   

Ben Johnson

Owner & Brewmaster

It has always been a dream of Ben's to produce his beers commercially.  He has been an avid homebrewer since 2001 and built a commercial quality nanobrewery in his basement.  After perfecting his recipes he was able to realize his dream of going pro.

Our Mission

Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company is dedicated to crafting exceptional, sustainable craft beer, fostering community, and nurturing our historic farm's land and legacy for future generations.

Sunset over the farm
Sunset over the farm field

Our Vision

At Duesterbeck’s Brewing Company, we envision ourselves as more than just a brewery; we are stewards of a cherished 140-acre, 164 year old, farm in the heart of rural southeastern Wisconsin.


Rooted in the tradition of family, our mission is to cultivate not only premium, craft beer, but also to nurture the land that sustains us. We are committed to pioneering practices in farm sustainability and agricultural innovation, such as making beer on a farm. This will ensure that our farm not only thrives today but flourishes for generations to come.


Our vision is to foster a legacy of love and respect for the land, teaching future generations the importance of harmony between agriculture, nature, and family. Through our dedication to this vision, we aim to be a beacon of sustainability, community, and enduring family values, inspiring others to join us in our journey towards a new version of farming and a more sustainable future and nurturing our historic farm's land and legacy for future generations.

Our Values

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