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Our Story

The Duesterbeck Farm has been in our family for over 150 years.  In recent years many of the barns had fallen into disrepair and it was our hopes to restore this beautiful farm to its former glory.  That's when Laura (Duesterbeck) Johnson had the idea to restore the barns by putting up a brewery.  Ben Johnson has been a homebrewer since 2001, so this idea combined the best of both worlds.  We hope you enjoy the picturesque surroundings of this scenic farm setting while sipping on some delicious craft beer!

About Us

Laura (Duesterbeck) Johnson
Owner, Chief Creative Officer

Laura is the visionary for this whole project.  Laura has always been in love with the land and the plants on it.  The brewery will be a perfect way to  transition the farm to an agribusiness.  With great hopes that this will restore the farm to be passed down to many more generations.  A unique aspect of this brewery is all the profits will be put back into the farm and will help future generations be able to sustain a life here and continue our family's farm for years to come.    

Ben Johnson
Owner, Brewmaster

It has always been a dream of Ben's to produce his beers commercially.  He has been an avid homebrewer since 2001 and built a commercial quality nanobrewery in his basement.  After perfecting his recipes he was able to realize his dream of going pro.

Building a Brewery

Pictures of the original barn, built on the Duesterbeck farm in the late 1800's.


Construction on the new barn began on December 10, 2018.  It is modeled after the original barn.

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