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Psp Fairy Tail Portable Guild English Patch Torrent vanque




Jul 30, 2019 - Dec 2, 2019 Fairy Tail Portable Guild 3.1.6 (PSP Emulator) with French and Portuguese videos. Quality: High. Changelog: 1.06.02 Added Italian language. 1.06.01 Added Brazilian Portuguese and Italian language. 1.06.00 Added English language. 1.05.06 Added French language. 1.05.05 Added German language. 1.05.04 Added Spanish language. 1.05.03 Added Russian language. 1.05.02 Added Hungarian language. 1.05.01 Added Polish language. 1.05.00 Added Danish language. 1.04.08 Added Italian language. 1.04.07 Added German language. 1.04.06 Added Spanish language. 1.04.05 Added Dutch language. 1.04.04 Added Polish language. 1.04.03 Added Hungarian language. 1.04.02 Added French language. 1.04.01 Added Brazilian Portuguese language. 1.04.00 Added Italian language. 1.03.03 Added German language. 1.03.02 Added French language. 1.03.01 Added Polish language. 1.03.00 Added Spanish language. 1.02.02 Added Italian language. 1.02.01 Added German language. 1.02.00 Added French language. 1.01.04 Added Polish language. 1.01.03 Added Hungarian language. 1.01.02 Added Brazilian Portuguese language. 1.01.01 Added Italian language. 1.01.00 Added German language. 1.00.01 Added French language. 1.00.00 Added English language. 0.01.01 Added Japanese language. This is an Updated Version of PS2 PSP Emulator add music in the ps3 version removed the video tutorial added Fairy Tail: Zeref as a playable character. make the game better quality Added Portuguese Language Fixed the bug that the game won't start after restarting the PSP Added Japanese Language Added Game codes for PSN PLAY Added Game Codes for French Added Game Codes for German Added Game Codes for Italian Added Game Codes for Spanish Added Game Codes for Dutch Added Game Codes for




Psp Fairy Tail Portable Guild English Patch Torrent vanque

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